Anabolic supplements can make your workout more efficient and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to grow. Whether you’re looking to add more lean muscle mass, improve your strength, or increase your endurance, anabolic supplements can help you meet your goals. These products contain ingredients that promote protein synthesis and muscle recovery. Here’s a quick overview of some of the most popular products available today. Read on to learn more about each.


The proprietary extract from DioscoreaNipponica Makino is the key component of Diosterol(tm) an anabolic & androgenic supplement designed for athletes and hardtraining athletes. The product contains up to 60% Furostanol saponins. In a previous press release, the manufacturer described the supplement as a steroid free formula that boosts Testosterone levels by more than 300%.

Various studies have linked anabolic steroids to adverse health effects. Anabolic steroids are a common and growing practice in our society. They are linked to an increase in muscle mass, enhanced endurance, and shortened recovery time. However, some studies have linked the use of these steroids to HIV infection and multiple organ failure, especially in young athletes. It’s also been linked to increased risk of HIV infection if athletes share needles and inject steroids.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that can improve the function of muscles. While most supplements contain a small amount of the amino acid, large doses can be toxic and increase the risk of liver, kidney, and lipid damage. Although it is an essential amino acid for the body, arginine is also found in meat and dairy products. Although it is a common ingredient in , the amount needed to achieve positive effects varies from individual to individual.

A study conducted by Forbes recruited fourteen healthy males to compare the effects of high and low doses of L-arginine on the muscle mass and growth hormone levels. The results of the study revealed that both treatments were equally effective. However, neither dose increased the levels of growth hormone or insulin. Despite these promising results, further research is needed to determine if L-arginine can improve a person’s physical performance.


Various studies have shown that the anabolic compound 20-hydroxyecdysone has potential benefits. Although the specific mechanisms have not been established, the compound has been found to have effects on the heart and blood vessels of mice. It may also increase muscle glycogen levels, enhance ATP synthesis, and help remove lactic acid. This substance is extracted from spinach and other thistle-like plants.

Studies have shown that 20-hydroxyecdysone has anabolic effects on the production of testosterone in males. The substance also appears to act as an

immunomodulator. Nonetheless, it should not be taken by individuals under the age of 18.


The anabolic effect of 20E has been reported in different animal studies, though the effects have been inconsistent. This could be due to differences in animal models, strains, and routes of administration. In mammals, 20E is rapidly eliminated from the body. In rodents, the compound has a short half-life, which may explain the discrepancies in muscle mass after treatment.


If you’re looking for a quality male enhancement supplement, you’ve probably heard about Testo-Max. But what is this testosterone booster? Is it safe? And is it really worth the hype? Read on to discover the truth about this testosterone booster. It’s backed by a celebrity endorsement. But is it any good? Will it really work? Will it work as well as its celebrity-endorsed counterparts?

While anabolic steroids were banned in the US in 1991, they can be used by those with serious medical conditions. This dietary supplement is made with ingredients that have been clinically tested to be safe. It contains ingredients such as piperine, which is used in traditional medicine. These natural ingredients boost the bioavailability of other nutrients. Moreover, they enhance metabolism and boost immunity. But the best way to make sure Testo-Max works for you is to follow a doctor’s advice.

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